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Out of Focus


My focus or lack of focus during a recent bird photo shoot drove me out of my mind.

The last time I photographed birds was in 2010.

I tried changing camera bodies, extenders, and lens. My go-to-lens ,

Canon 100 -400mm was in my opinion, not focusing in one shot or AI Servo mode.

I called the Canon Professional Services for an educated fix. Their advice was helpful but did not solve my problems. Upon returning home I sent the lens to Canon for repair. The lens was returned in three days with a description that the lens met all specifications and no problems found.


Now it was on me to resolve the issue. I took my Canon 40D and Canon 100-400mm lens to a Washington, DC location where I new I could find birds and airplanes to photography and test my gear. To my surprise, most of the birds had changed locations, leaving ducks, one Blue Herring and a small fast moving bird that I had to wait for it to perch. I used  f/5.6, 640 t0 1000 Sec , ISO 400, as my  exposure. All shots were hand held.


To my surprise and pleasure my gear WORKED as designed!!!


The moral to this story is, include all of types of photography that you enjoy in your photo flow often. It is impossible to remember all of the nuances that apply to the different shoots you may attempt. Include ample preparation before you go.


Here is an example of what I was getting on my bird shoot.


Here are examples of what I am getting now: