© 2009 George Lovelace

South African Safari

I visited South Africa on a photo safari for 12 days from August 25 through September 7, 2009. The province visited was KwaZulu- Natal. It is South Africa’s most African province, meaning it has everything the continent is known for – beaches, wildlife, mountains, and accessible ethnic culture. The game reserves within the province visited were Zulu Nyala, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi park and Phinda, a private game reserve.The success I had on the safari was due to knowledgeable rangers and trackers. In each of the game reserves, the ranger along with an experienced tracker sought wildlife via vehicle over rugged, hilly, dusty, savanna grass, through the prickly bush and some of the most beautiful landscape anywhere. Most outings started in early light, taking a break in harsh light and resuming late in the day finishing at sun down. I consider the trip a success. At Zulu Nyala I photographed giraffe, zebra, white rhinoceros, hippopotamus, elephants, buffalo, Nyala, duiker (small antelope, impala, warthogs, alligators, and a variety of birds. At the Phinda reserve we photographed lions  and a cheetah each enjoying their kill. The close proximity to all these animals in the wild was a challenge.  You know the fear factor. This was my first safari but it will not be my last. To satisfy my landscape photography side, I took a side trip to St. Lucia in the northern part of the province along the Indian Ocean to photograph the surf crashing into the famous “Mission Rocks”.