© 2008 George Lovelace

The Adirondack

Adirondacks Web Shots-1A trip to the Adirondack was a birthday gift to my wife and I. Our birthday is on the same day in September. A rustic lodge, without elevators, awaited us. Our room was on the third floor! The first day began at 5:00 am to capture a sunrise. I saw this cabin on the lake with a small boat along side in the water. The scene was lit by the back rays of the rising sun. The effect was breathtaking, with great reflections and booming colors in the trees and cabin. The next day was early again and we found a spot along a busy road, sort of dangerous, but what a photo op. Fog coupled with the rays of the sun and vegetation proved rewarding. After the sunrise this day we visited several locations along stream beds. The sight of ground fog, rocks and trees with fall foliage brought my camera alive. The remaining two days were devoted to my wife’s activities that included seeing the sights in the area. She was happy with her  shots.  Please look in the Gallery to see my favorite images.