© 2009 George Lovelace

Camera Shake

Camera shake can be a killer. You set up for a shot, equipment has been checked for the correct setting and away you go, handholding your camera. You make your shots, check the LCD and the shots look OK, until you get home and what happened to all those great shots?

Camera shake!

This tip offers suggestions that work regardless of focal length or shutter speed. Here are two principals I learned early that helped me.

a) Handhold your camera when the shutter speed is equal to or faster than the focal length of the lens and

b) ¬†Hold elbows close to the body, press the viewfinder to your forehead firmly, as you press the shutter, press down firmly with the right hand and push up with an equal amount of firmness with the palm of the left hand. “Squeeze” the shutter to shoot the picture.

Give it a try and let me know if this helped.